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Hello! I’m Sarah Cook, ND

I graduated from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2004. That was the same year that Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook. The concept of “content marketing” was not even on my radar. I grew my naturopathic practice by good old-fashioned networking and word-of-mouth: leads groups, chamber of commerce, health food store talks, networking lunches. It was a TON of work.
In 2009—after a family situation that mandated a move—I closed my practice and started writing. I joined the American Medical Writers Association (AMWA) and got a Marketing Certificate in Biomedical Writing from the University of the Sciences. I worked as a writer with IMPACT Health Media and started ghostwriting blogs for integrative physicians. My career as a medical writer was off and running. But over time, I began to sense that something was missing. My clients loved my articles—but how many people did those articles reach? Times were changing, and I realized that our naturopathic medical community needed more than just great content—we needed a systematic and strategic way to share and spread that content like wildfire.
We needed digital, online, content marketing. So I completed a Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing from the Digital Marketing Institute in 2017.
I started ND Pen with a mission to support my fellow NDs in growing their practices. I believe that naturopathic doctors are modern medicine’s best-kept secret, and my goal is to change that. I am here to help you share your own stories, to attract your ideal patients, and to create a following of lifelong raving fans for your naturopathic medical practices. Learn how to work with me here > >



I have worked with Sarah for several years now. She is an extremely talented researcher and writer in the field of integrative medicine. Sarah combines a unique talent of clinical practice experience, the ability to research and then write at the practitioner level. I’ve had customers specifically request that Sarah be the author on their projects! Sarah produces high quality, detailed work which requires very little editing.
Kathi Magee

Executive Vice President, IMPACT Health Media, Inc


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