Best of 2018

December 14, 2018I launched the ND Pen website exactly one year ago. My vision was for it to be a resource for naturopathic doctors and other integrative practitioners who want to grow their businesses through online marketing. I know that the online space offers an...

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Social and Health Holidays Calendar

Do you ever stare at your Facebook or Instagram feed wondering, "what on earth should I post today?" We got you! If you ever feel stuck on social media, grab this handy list of health observances and social media holidays. Tap into the power of #hashtags for even...

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Holiday Content Ideas

  You want to connect with your current and past patients throughout the holiday season, but what will you talk about?  People are busy with the hustle and the bustle, and you're busy too.  That's why I recommend you keep things short, sweet, and simple. Remind...

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3 Ways to Thank Your Patients

It feels fantastic to be thanked.I volunteered to help the second graders build a city as a math project the other day. We had fun cutting buildings out of construction paper, measuring their sizes, and calculating their different heights. But the moment that stuck...

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You Do All the Things

As I drove home from the Colorado Association of Naturopathic Doctors (CoAND) Conference on Saturday night, I reflected on all I had learned. But my biggest takeaway surprised me. It wasn’t the latest research on lipopolysaccharides, regenerative therapy, or the...

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The 3 Keys to Successful Batching

If you have read my Time Hacks for Consistent Content Creation, you know that I am a huge fan of batching content. Batching content means setting aside a block of time to create a quantity of content. Then you can take that batch—that bundle or bunch—and publish it...

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facebookinstagrampinterestlinkedin The videos below are from the Facebook Live Series, "Marketing According to Naturopathic Tenets," which aired in celebration of Naturopathic Medicine week in October of 2018 (#NatMedWeek2018). If you want to comment or share, the...

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How to Use Quizzes to Reach New Patients

Do you remember how much fun it was to take those personality quizzes in Teen Magazine? Well, it turns out that making a quiz is just as much fun as taking one! I have made an online quiz for my website, and I am jazzed to share with you how to do it for your own...

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About Sarah at ND Pen

Most copywriters and marketers don’t understand naturopathic, medical, and wellness businesses. Sarah knows medicine and she knows marketing. Sarah writes website content, e-books, and email campaigns to help incredible businesses like yours become even better. Learn about ND Pen’s copywriting services or sign up for weekly marketing updates.

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