Email Strategy

2 Best Digital Tools for Everything: Part 4 (Email)

(This post is part of a series. View the series intro here) Showing up in a person’s inbox is about as personal as it gets (aside from actually meeting face-to-face). Sending emails on a regular basis to patients or sending emails to a larger list of potential...

Naturopathic Topic Ideas for Online Quizzes

Have you read my post about how to use online quizzes to attract new patients to your naturopathic practice? Have you taken the online quiz on this site? If you have done those things (and especially if you have watched the bonus tutorial after taking the quiz), you...

How to Use Quizzes to Reach New Patients

Do you remember how much fun it was to take those personality quizzes in Teen Magazine? Well, it turns out that making a quiz is just as much fun as taking one! I have made an online quiz for my website, and I am jazzed to share with you how to do it for your own...

Landing Pages, Lead Boxes, and Pop-Ups: When to Use What

It can be confusing to decide when to use a landing page, a lead box, or a pop-up on your site. Let’s define each of these, take a look at their benefits, and consider when it is best to use one or the other.   Landing Page Landing Page Defined A landing page is...

The New Data Protection Law: What to Do about GDPR

This post was last updated on May 9, 2018.   GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is a law that will go into effect on May 25, 2018. GDPR has to do with security of personal data. GDPR covers all companies in  the European Union (EU) as well as companies...

What an Email List Can Do for Your Medical Practice

A client of mine (a functional medicine doctor) sent out a survey and received 149 responses. One of the questions asked how people prefer to hear from him and his practice. The options included Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email, and blogs. Would you believe that...

The Simple Email Marketing Formula for Your Medical Practice

You can show up on Google and you can show up on Facebook, but do you know what happens when you show up in somebody’s inbox? Of all of the digital marketing channels available to your medical practice, email will generate the most revenue. I’m talking about more appointments, more product sales, and more referrals.

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