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ND Pen empowers naturopathic doctors to find their voice and share their message in ways that will position them to scale their businesses and impact more lives.

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There are a lot of places you can learn content marketing strategies, but nowhere like here. Here are some ways that ND Pen is different:

~ Strategies are specific to naturopathic and integrative health practices

~ The focus is on action, not  lofty promises

~ There is no one size fits all. Let’s find your best path

~ We keep interactions personal and down-to-earth

~ If it’s not simple and it’s not fun, we’ll find another way

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I have melded my experiences as a naturopathic doctor, a teacher, and a content writer to bring content marketing strategies to naturopathic and integrative practices.
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Kind Words…

Sarah is one of the very best medical writers. Her guest writing perfectly captures the voice of the person for whom she is writing. Her research on the topic at hand is comprehensive. Her analyses are accurate, relevant and understandable. Truly, Sarah is a gifted writer and I am so grateful for her contributions.
Lise Alschuler, ND, FABNO

Naturopathic Physician

I have worked with Sarah for several years now. She is an extremely talented writer in the field of integrative medicine. Sarah combines a unique talent of clinical practice experience, the ability to research and then write at the practitioner level. I’ve had customers specifically request that Sarah be the author on their projects! 

Kathi Magee

Executive Vice President, Impact Health Media

The Blog!


3 Ways to Thank Your Patients

It feels fantastic to be thanked.I volunteered to help the second graders build a city as a math project the other day. We had fun cutting buildings out of construction paper, measuring their sizes, and calculating their different heights. But the moment that stuck...

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You Do All the Things

As I drove home from the Colorado Association of Naturopathic Doctors (CoAND) Conference on Saturday night, I reflected on all I had learned. But my biggest takeaway surprised me. It wasn’t the latest research on lipopolysaccharides, regenerative therapy, or the...

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The Mistake that Could Sabotage Your Blog Series

I recently posted Time Hacks for Consistent Content Creation. One of those hacks was to write a blog series. I absolutely LOVE this hack because it seriously saves a ton of time. Series are a perfect option for the naturopathic doctor who wants to write about a topic...

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